To all our loyal readers, hello! My name is Dale A. Heys and I am the I.T. Director for DRM ePublishing Ltd. responsible for maintaining the website and as you know we recently had an “issue” with the software which ran the site and due to cost implications the decision was taken to “cut  our losses” and drop the software. Unfortunately, this left us without the usual “Have your say” feature etc. and we regret that this situation has occured, the intention had been to maintain the current site until the new site was ready and then have a “nice” transition to the new site however, the computers decided otherwise. I thought it would be a good idea to quickly pen an update to let you know that we have not forgotten you or, we are busily “beavering” away in the background writeing the the new website and are at the moment carrying out some initial testing to ensure that things work as they should, so please bear with us, I promise you it will be worth the wait. Due to the accelerated pace of development we have had to change the way we were going to introduce the new site, we had initially planned to have a “big bang” approach which would have launched the new site with the majority of the current features e.g. “Have your say”, the exhibition links, the shop links etc.  in place however we have now decided to have a staged implementation where we will install a new site and then add features over the coming months. This approach will allow us to get the site back up and running with content, and the link to the “new” eMagazine, quicker and will give you the loyal readers something to look at other than a statement from our Chairman, Simon. So bear with us there is light at the end of the tunnel! In the mean time, we have been getting requests for the results of the “2016 Wish List” therefore if you click the “Wish List” link above this will take you to a page with a statement from Brian Macdermott and the Poll Team and links to PDF files with the results of the poll in each category. Regards Dale A. Heys I.T. Director DRM ePublishing Ltd.