As many of you are aware the MREMag site crashed on Monday 24th October, 2016 and despite the ongoing best efforts of our technical director the problem has proved unfixable. On analysis our expert discovered that there is a major error in the program used to host MREMag and although the problem has not been created by MRE we have been advised that fixing the problem would incur a nonspecific fee. Our future plans had taken into account the creation of a new website and the fact that we are now having a problem with the existing site has forced us to bring forward our plans and introduce the new site as quickly as possible.  This may take a few weeks, possibly four or five but we believe that to bring forward the launch of the new site, which will contain 'Having Your Say', is the most effective solution to the current situation. With this in mind do please keep sending in your postings etc. to “” and if they are still relevant by the time the new site goes live they will be posted. Sometimes situations can force changes to plans sooner than expected and the problem we are experiencing with the current site is just one of those occasions.  We do apologise to all those, like me, who enjoy a cup of tea while reading 'Having Your Say' but we are convinced that our decision is the most practical. Once again, our apologies for the unanticipated suddenness of the changes and thank you for your patience. Do keep checking back here as we will update this page with progress and will also provide a link to the new eMagazine in November from here too.   Simon Kohler On behalf of the DRM ePublishing Ltd. Board.
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