Results – The Wishlist Poll 2016 By Brian Macdermott (on behalf of The Poll Team) Very many thanks to everyone who voted! The Poll Team would like to thank Andy York of RMweb for his usual help in constructing ‘the computerised bits’ and Phil Parker for all his support during his time as MREmag editor. Our thanks also go to the new MREmag team who have kindly allowed us to post the results to you here. The results below are in the now usual three formats for each of 00 & N. If you have any queries, or want to suggest something for inclusion in 2017, please email The Poll Team: thepollteam(at)gmail(dot)com. To access a particular Wishlist PDF file for each category just click on the required link below. (You will need to have the Adobe PDF Reader installed, click here to be taken to the installation). “00” Most Wanted “00” Results by Category “00” Results Top-to-Bottom “N” Most Wanted “N” Results By Category “N” Results Top-to-Bottom